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About Us

We welcome all Route 66 travelers to experience "The Road".  As you journey on the "Real Deal", we encourage you to reminisce, enjoy the people, savor the history, and travel with a smile.  Take many photos and make lifetime memories.



Traveling on Route 66 is the graduate school of travel experiences.  It is Americana at its best.


Route 66 - It's all about the journey. Our journey started with renovating a vacant house that was built in 1928 and located in the Seligman Historic District.  In much need of sprucing up, this special treasure was moved from the original alignment of Route 66 (Railroad Avenue) to its present position, with a 12-foot setback on Historic Route 66.  If the walls could talk, they would tell us the stories of some of the pioneers who occupied the house during boom and bust times.


And our journey continued.  Fully appreciating the satisfaction from renovating a place we called home, we were energized to take on more projects.  Sitting on our front porch overlooking Route 66, we brainstormed our next project. The 1904 building that housed the original Seligman Sundries had been vacant for years and was looking at us like a rescue puppy eager for a new owner.  Sensible people were skeptically shaking their heads as we undertook our two-year project to get the delapidated treasure up to building standards. This first commercial building in Seligman was filled with hidden artifacts and memorabilia.  We were advised that it would be easier to tear the building down and start over.  We did not agree.  Our end result was that the 2,200 square foot iconic building was proudly back in commercial operation in 2007 on Route 66 and Main Street.  We commuted 3 blocks west from our home on Route 66 for 8 years as we operated Historic Seligman Sundries.


The most recent stop on our journey brought us three blocks west of Historic Seligman Sundries.  The once El Camino Motel was sitting on Route 66, vacant and in disrepair.  Converted to a residence in the 70's, this project was begging to have a new owner.  Once a 6-room motel, then converted to a residence, the property was again customized in 2013 to create a comfortabe home for us located on Route 66.


As our journey continues forward, we now have more time to travel on Route 66 and join the parade with some of the finest people on this earth.  The Route 66 experience awaits each of us. See you soon.


Frank and Lynne Kocevar

Seligman, Arizona