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The “Route 66 Experience” was launched in August, 2009 as a Route 66 information website (highlighting Route 66 in Arizona).  Our experience as business owners for 8 years on Route 66 helped us understand the value of internet exposure in growing our business.  Our customers would frequently mention that they “found us” on the internet.

We continued to expand our internet presence with links from our numerous Route 66 websites and also our multiple Buzz websites, highlighting Route 66 in Arizona, Arizona cities and towns, and the Grand Canyon.  Our website, Route 66 Experience, offers viewers the opportunity to learn more about not only Route 66, but also about the eight states it travels through and introduces them to the businesses that are located in those states. 


The Objective


• Give Your Business Top-Of-Mind-Awareness to Viewers
• Increase Your Potential Customer Base


The Opportunity

• Our Target Audience includes a diverse worldwide customer base whose common interest in Route 66 and any or all of the 8 states that host Route 66 draws them to     this up-to-date, innovative website.
• Connecting to Route 66 Experience online will connect them to YOUR business.


The Solution

• The “Route 66 Experience” website is an interactive site with changing features.  Some of these features include links to local weather, news, and road conditions; historical and interesting facts, and the ability to easily navigate within the website to each of the pages dedicated to the states which are host to Route 66.
• You have our assurance that the Route 66 Experience website is well-maintained and designed to provide maximum exposure to your business.



• We will create a custom 150x150 full-color flash ad for your business to be placed on the Route 66 page of your choice.
• Four photos of your business will be used to create your flash ad, and text overlay or title will be added to each photo.
• Your custom flash ad will be a direct link to your business website.
• You will have the opportunity to proof your ad before it is placed on the website.


• Your Cost:    

•  Option #1     $10/month for 12 months   ($120.00 prepaid)   No set-up fee.
•  Option #2     $10/month for 6 months with one-time $20 set-up fee    ($80 prepaid)



We look forward to working with you and supporting your efforts to improve your business. We welcome the opportunity and stand ready to partner with you in delivering an effective ad to point potential customers to your door.  If you have questions on this proposal, feel free to contact us at your convenience by using the contact form on this website.   We will be in touch with you to arrange a follow-up conversation on the proposal.


Thank you for your consideration,


Frank & Lynne Kocevar