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Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction


January 14, 2017 — January 22, 2017

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Barrett-Jackson.  Every car enthusiast knows that iconic name.  It's the car auction that's famous worldwide, synonymous with classic cars, colorful personalities and historically documented events.  Every living, breathing human being who attends this famous event experiences the same fervor, the same passion, the same excitement whether you are in attendance to purchase a classic vehicle or two, to compete with other bidders for one-of-a kind collections, or just to witness the attraction.   Even Hollywood was present this year with the appearance of Stephen Tyler,  Justin Beiber,  Floyd Mayweather, Burt Reynolds, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Barrett-Jackson is the auction that every car aficionado dreams of and the auction where their dreams can come true.  You can never underestimate the opportunities that can present themselves -- unbelievable bargains for those with limited budgets and unique treasures that the rich and famous yearn to own and add to their collections.  There's a vehicle for everyone at this extraordinary auction.  Barrett-Jackson -- an auction for everyone!


Maybe that's why Route 66 has a visual presence there.  No matter if it's portrayed on an enthusiast's shirt, a bidder's cap, or if the iconic Route 66 shield is embedded in the artwork and retail merchandise for sale in vendors' booths, Route 66 is definitely a significant part of the Barrett-Jackson culture.  Vintage cars and nostalgia go hand-in-hand, just as Barrett-Jackson and Route 66 compliment each other.
Americana at its best -- our hats off and a patriotic salute to Barrett-Jackson and its counterpart, Route 66!






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