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Now here you are just the first Czech information web pages of U.S. Route 66, which became one of the basic symbols of America.

But, let's return to the time before the fall of communist regimes in countries of Middle and Eastern Europe - including Czechoslovakia. The people of my generation who lived behind the "iron curtain" had some unspecified notion about life in the states of Western Europe and the U.S.A. I was one of them. And - of course - we also knew something about the Route 66 thanks to Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath, Rolling Stones version of Route 66 etc.

I always wished to go around the U.S.A. In late 90's I became an enthusiastic cyclist so I decided to use a bicycle for my plan. The first great impulse how to realize my trip was a report in the National Geographic devoted to the Arizona branch of R66. Initially I planned to cross America from coast to coast, but after reading this article I said to myself: "That's it!" and I resolved to realize my dream in this way.

My first attempt to conquest Route 66 was successful. All 2.448 miles I accomplished in a month quite alone. I met many good and interesting people, I saw many famous places and got many nice experiences. But it wasn't the end of my adventure. The Mother Road remained in my mind as a part of myself.

All my experiences and impressions I described in a little book called "Route 66 - Along the Main Street of America on Bicycle". I also became a member of the National Historic Route 66 Federation. When I published some articles and reports in our Czech newspapers and magazines, many enthusiasts from all parts of the Czech Republic and Slovakia called and wrote me asking for additional information about my tour and Route 66. So I became something like an unofficial Czech advisor in the matter of R66 :-).

Route 66 was a favourite subject I was interested in and it was only matter of time when I come back. Many times I came back to this old road and I was always enchanted to see it again. I also visited some festivals of Route 66. Maybe I can say that I know the route quite well and I am ready to give valuable advice to those who wants to go in my traces but have not enough "Czech information".

And this is the main reason why I resolved to open these pages. You can find there a short history of R66, photogallery with a brief description of its individual parts, ideas for trips to many interested places not far from Route 66, FAQ etc. There is also a forum - a place for exchanging experiences among the R66 fans. I should like to give regular news nad offer the basic sortiment of publications about Route 66 in our e-shop. And one speciality: You can listen to our internet Radio 66 - station playing "music of everlasting roads".

I open these pages with the only reason: They ought to be an open source of information for all who need it. You are always welcome.


Zdenek Jurasek