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European Route 66 Festival Czeck Republic

European Route 66 Festival Czech Republic


The 2nd European Route 66 Festival will be held on AUGUST 10. - 12. 2018 in ZLIN, Czech Republic!

I suppose that almost nobody knows anything about Zlin in the U.S.A. so I would like to give you some basic details:
Zlín is a city in southeastern part of the Czech Republic, the seat of the Zlin Region, population 80.000.
Zlin is situated only around 100 miles from Vienna, Austria, so the flight connection with the U.S.A. is very good! Zlin offers a plenty of accommodation facilities.
The development of the modern city is closely connected to the BATA Shoes company and its social scheme, developed after the First World War (see more HERE).

There is a lot of modern architectural highlights in Zlin as for example the Bata’s Skyscraper (see more HERE), the Grand Cinema, Bata factory area etc.
And in the former Bata factory area we found a place for the European Route 66 Festival. A governor of the Zlin area has kindly provided a magnificent space of the Bata Institute – superbly renovated factory buildings with all facilities for organizing big events (indoor and outdoor) – for purposes of our festival (see photos HERE).

I am sure that ZLIN is the best place for the 2nd European Route 66 Festival and look forward to meet with you the in August 2018!

Zdenek Jurasek
Czech Route 66 Association

Just a short note: Zlin is also a seat of the Czech Route 66 Association.


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