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Henry's Rabbit Ranch

Henry's Rabbit Ranch - Staunton, Illinois

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Are you in the mood for some really good times on the Mother Road? If you are you've come to the right place. The place of course is Henry's Rabbit Ranch in Staunton, Illinois! Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits ~ and Rich and Linda Henry have both types. The hopping kind and the VW kind! Henry's Rabbit Ranch celebrates Route 66 and the people along the highway with its emporium of highway and trucking memorabilia that includes a collection of Campbell's "humpin' to please" trailers next to a replica of a vintage gas station. Henry's Rabbit Ranch Station and Visitor's Center looks like a real old classic filling station once found all along Route 66. At Henry's Rabbit Ranch you'll find a wide selection of Route 66 gift and collectible items too. Henry's Rabbit Ranch is a Route 66 Visitor's Center deluxe.


Rich and Linda Henry are Route 66 authorities who enjoy sharing their memories of the Mother Road with visitors from all over the world. Rich and Linda know what Route 66 is all about. They should having grown up in the shadow of the celebrated highway. In fact both their dads are in the Illinois Hall of Fame in McLean, Illinois. Henry's Rabbit Ranch is their contribution to America's Main Street.


At Henry's Rabbit Ranch you will find authentic memories of old Route 66, historic vehicles and road memorabilia abound. Step back to yesteryear at Henry's Rabbit Ranch.


Henry's Rabbit Ranch is Rich Henry's labor of love. About ten years ago Rich and Linda took a trip to California on Old Route 66 and noticed the lack of Route 66 visitor centers and souvenirs of the Mother Road. When he got back home to Staunton he decided to do something about that and built his visitor center. Times have changed and Route 66 is seeing a rebirth all along the highway, and Henry's Rabbit Ranch was at the forefront of this movement.


Henry's Rabbit Ranch, though new in terms of the Mother Road, maintains the best traditions of Route 66. This is what it's all about. Now about those rabbits, seems Rich and Linda's daughter got a pair of rabbits and didn't account for the resulting population explosion. She lived in a single room apartment and things were getting a little out of hand. Rich stepped in and helped out and the next thing you know there was a new attraction on Route 66 - a rabbit ranch.


Rich loves those rabbits and you know what? They love Rich too. When he walks by their pens they perk up and come out to meet him. Each rabbit has a name and a distinctive personality according to Rich. Rich has even trained some of the rabbits to do tricks for the visitors that stop in.


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