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Route 66 Italy

America by Vespa from Chicago to Los Angeles on Route 66

America by Vespa from Chicago to Los Angeles on Route 66

Now my dream can go back running through the streets of America; now I can thank all the bends and straight roads, the hail and the wind and especially all the great souls I met along my trip! A thank you to Giada Diano and Matt Gleeson for having given a new voice to my words with their translation and to the super-poet Jack Hirschman for his introduction… I miss you all!!!



I didn’t know anything about America other than what my dreams had been telling me: I wanted to travel the Mother Road.
Lots of people told me not to go: Route 66 doesn’t exist anymore, they kept saying, America doesn’t even exist anymore.
But whenever I thought about it I felt something in my stomach that was almost pain!


I set out on an unsuitable vehicle, maybe in order to force myself to go slow. And in that big country, my dream exploded. I felt everything I’d always dreamed of beating inside my soul, changing my life forever. Along the road people hugged us, blessed us, gave us hospitality and lived our dream as if it were their own. Those hugs were so powerful that they allowed us to throw ourselves headlong into thunderstorms while lightning struck the ground only feet away from us…


I leaped into that road and found a beautiful America; on the burning hot asphalt I brushed by poisonous snakes and spiders while listening to the song of the coyotes, and together with them I gazed at the moon from that place/non-place known by the bad name of Death Valley; I touched heaven while standing in hell, motionless at the bottom of the valley while the sky from Chicago to Los Angeles ran above me.


I skidded between dream and reality until I no longer distinguished between them. I almost needed help because my emotions were too strong. I traveled under a huge electric guitar suspended in the sky playing rock music.


I wrote this book for the angels I met, and to tell those who think America is nothing but war and business: Hey man, you’re wrong! The Americans of the street still exist. The eyes of a homeless person, of a waitress, of a motel owner, can still see beyond, and if you look at them closely, you can see what I saw, you can see them looking beyond.


The little Vespa was my soul which humbly and slowly brought me across a country’s people in a place where dreams still grow, a place where you can regrow your wings if you want and the strong wind carries you up high to where, if you’re quick enough, you can give God himself a high five!



“America By Vespa”, Giorgio Serafino (Ed. Murzia)

“Now Or Nevermore”, The Shell Collector (Tuna Records)

L’11 Maggio 2015 alle ore 15 Terraeasfalto e Tuna Records presentano il booktrailer del libro “America by Vespa” di Giorgio Serafino (Mursia editore) – on the road con la sua compagna Giuliana Foresi da Chicago a Los Angeles sulla Route 66 con una Vespa 50 Special.


Il video che sarà presentato in esclusiva su è stato diretto e montato dal videomaker Andrea Nataloni, ed è raccontato attraverso le parole di Giorgio dalla potente voce narrante del poeta Americano Jack Hirschmann, che ha definito il loro sogno l’incarnazione di “Song of the open road” di Walt Whitman.


La colonna sonora del video è il nuovo singolo di The Shell Collector “Now Or Nevermore”. La canzone, ispirata dal libro nasce dalla voce e dalla musica di Enrico Tiberi e dalle parole di Giorgio Serafino e sarà distribuita in digitale via Spotify, iTunes, Amazon e nelle maggiori piattaforme.



Giorgio Serafino di Civitanova Marche vive in un casale a Montecosaro (Macerata).


Con sua moglie Giuliana Foresi ha viaggiato in Europa, Canada (dove ha ottenuto la cittadinanza) Brasile, Marocco, Thailandia, Laos, Cambogia, Sud Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Argentina, Cile, India, Italia, Francia, Spagna e Portogallo.


Nel 2010 ha percorso la Route66 da Chicago a Los Angeles in sella ad una vecchia vespa 50 special del 1978 che ha restaurato personalmente.


Con Mursia ha pubblicato “L’America in vespa” nel 2011, da poco tradotto anche in inglese, introdotto dal poeta americano Jack Hirschman, e Paradiso di Polvere nel 2013. Scrive reportage di viaggio per la rivista IN MOTO conti editore. Attualmente sta terminando il suo terzo libro riguardante il viaggio in India, e tiene il blog “Terraeasfalto” su cui è possibile seguire i viaggi e le pubblicazioni.


The Shell Collector – Il progetto musicale di Enrico Tiberi, musicista e produttore marchigiano – su Tuna Records.


Il primo EP “2 Is The Beginning Of An Army” nel 2013, cinque brani con spunti post-progressive, post-grunge. In formazione insieme ad Enrico Tiberi (già nei progetti Nrec, Resurrecturis), Manuel Coccia (Resurrecturis, KmFromMyIlls) al Basso, Alessandro Vagnoni (Bologna Violenta, Dark Lunacy) alla batteria.


Nel Maggio 2014 esce il full length per Tuna Records, intitolato “Medusa”.