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Japan Route 66 Association


Route 66 Association of Japan

Founded on June 6, 2015






American "Mother Road" Route 66. This is the old road that follows from Chicago, Illinois in the Midwest to theWest in Santa Monica, California. But became a waste line with the development of inter-State (Interstate) in 1985,it was Founded on June 6, 2015to on the map by a strong revival of many people.
Route 66 of the total length about 3,800㎞ is an important culture that promoted the development of the AmericanWest, many appeared Some, such as movies, novels and music, it is your American pop culture of the subject of now.Its appeal volunteers gather in order to spread in Japan, was established in this June 6 memorable.

Route 66 Association of Japan, while convey its appeal to all of Route 66 fans, the goal is to discover the "real America" ​​together with you through the history and culture.At the same time, help each other closely with the United States home country and around the world of theorganization, we will continue to strive to become the help of activities that inherits its culture to the nextgeneration.


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