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California Route 66 Museum Victorville, California


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It was spring of 1995, and a group of Victorville Old Timers felt that the popularity of Route 66 was at a peak and since Route 66 went through Old Town Victorville, one generous old timer had a perfect building on the corner of 6th and D Street (First National Bank) on Route 66, it was time to do our part and open a Route 66 Museum in Victorville.


Our dream came true on November 11, 1995, when Joy Robertson donated the use of the old bank building, the California Historic Route 66 Association helped fund the merchandise for the gift shop, Dan Harlow and David Knudsen helped with the artifacts and promotion of the museum.


You asked how Chick Kirk and Betty Halbe became involved.

The museum held a grand opening and with thousands of people attending, it was necessary to have a lot of volunteers. Mark Ward, one of the founders, asked Betty Halbe to be a greeter and Chick Kirk to be a volunteer, thus Betty and Chick 18 years later are still here.


Chick has served as Board President at least 8 times; Betty is the Museum Curator, Gift Shop Merchandise Coordinator, and currently the Board President.


The museum has grown from 1000 sq. ft. to over 4500 sq. ft., has had visitors from 75 foreign countries, hundreds of bus tours, school children, seniors, writers, film crews, over 20 different car shows, and motorcycle tours, as well as all the Route 66 Roadies who love to travel the road.


Thanks to our dedicated volunteers and great supporters--we are alive and well, stop by and say hello.